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DivinerHolic: Addicted to music

Welcome to the home of DivinerHolic. This site is designed to introduce you to my music and artworks. i want to share my output for your enjoyment and hopefully, in my own small way, inspire you in your personal creative journey.

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About the Artist

Addicted to Music

DivinerHolic is a song writer, recording artist and painter who is based in the UK. His main focus is on writing and recording original songs. His music has two distinct genres, one as a traditional singer songwriter, the other takes the form of a more ambient approach. He is passionately concerned with climate change, the harsh reality of capitalism and human relationships.

As an agent of liberalism, DivinerHolic refuses to engage with commerce, preferring free access to any of his artistic outputs.

Listen to his music for free and without obligation and enjoy the artworks. Art shouldn't be for bitcoin - it should be for everyone.

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